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About Deviant Arthur KirklandMale/United Kingdom Group :icon2p-nekotalia: 2p-Nekotalia
You're gonna fucking die.
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  • Mood: Delighted
  • Listening to: Cries of help~
  • Reading: a good ol' murder mystery
  • Watching: my timer so my cupcakes won't burn!
  • Playing: Nothing at the moment~
  • Eating: I few scones that I baked earlier~
  • Drinking: A nice cup of tea! <3


Arthur Kirkland
United Kingdom

He is the 2nd Player England in the Heta-Universe. He doesn't particularly enjoy being called 'England.' He feels that it makes him sound stern, when we can all tell by his outrageous attire and ways that he's the least bit of serious. He favours his human name more than anything. So, I advise you to call him by 'Arthur.' Or even a name you've created.

He speaks in a posh accent, it's quite annoying but, he does it for that very reason. Plus, he thinks it's easy on the tongue when it really isn't. His passion is to annoy and frighten those who walk by. One second he could invite you in for a treat and next you could be stuffed in his oven. But, please, don't think of him badly. He's just a /little/ misunderstood. That's all. . .

Okay, maybe that was an understatement. His mind's beyond repair. The antics he's thrown into only makes it worst. No one knows what goes through the deranged Brit's head. He is very much the opposite to his 1P self. He has a tendency to call others by pet names such as "Hun" or "Love." It's cute to him.

His personality is said to be that of a mentally ill patient. 2P!England is sickeningly sweet. He disguises his sick mind with his bubbly attitude and quirks. He tries to play the role of a gentleman, and it does work for those who don't know him well. For the other 2P!Allies and Axis, they know their ground and what they're up against. He's quite the promiscuous type too, though he is unsure to affection given to him. His mind goes to a blank.Oh, and he's prone to asking questions as well.

He believes he's friends with everyone. Even /France/. He has no problems with anyone. Well, that's what is stuck at mind for him. No one really enjoys his company, except Ivan for some reason. His behaviour is too out-of-hand to keep up with and no one wants to deal with it. He's famous for his rampages. If you're every caught in his path during so, run. Drop everything and /run./ It's better to do so than explain. He also shares the same beliefs in magical creatures and practices his magic like 1P!England would expect, his wonderland is a bit corrupted and there's no good coming out of his magic.

Canon says that he is quite the cook. Baker, if you will. He is known for baking delicious treats but often spikes them with poison and blood. Same goes for his tea. It also states that this is one of the many ways he lures people in. Usually the innocent and weak at mind.

"Perhaps we can look pass all the negatives and create the positive? Can you last long enough to?" uvu

The only ones who can pet me: :icontasteinsanitypoppet: & :iconbloodedfox:
My partner in crime: :iconask2pitabby:
My little brother~ :iconask-2p-americat:
My twin: :iconask-2p-catengland:
My admin: :iconuki-u:

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The-Dark-And-Devious Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013
"Privet there comrade" Russia walked up to him
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Hello Athur ^J^
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"Happy Birthday."
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Happy birthday~ :iconcakeplz: :iconcupcakeplz: :iconfishcakeplz:
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C'mon dude.
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SparksHumbleAbode Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmmmmm, hello. I've noticed that you haven't been very active on this account ever since I gave it to you. I know school gets in the way and stuff, but you could at least answer questions.
I hate seeing this account being dead, it was my first ask account. If you don't start being active, I kindly ask that if she stills wants it, you hand the account over it my friend *CatSmoothie.
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